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Kunst von Alexander Smith
Kunst von Alexander Smith
The Conceptions are made out of 2 major perspectives.
A sense of beauty and purity that is closer to the inner nature of mankind than the current events that surround us and are only temporary. A pure sense of beauty is timeless and universal,with the Conceptions Alexander gives the ability to see beauty again as something pure that is linked directly with us.
The Conceptions have a clear visual and emotional connection with Alexander’s fascination for the Japanese Ukiyo-e (Woodblock prints) and Zenga (Zen Buddhist ink drawings) in their characteristic use of the space and emptyness , this typical framework can clearly be seen in Alexanders’s Conception and Lolita series
It is an ennobled expression of the representation of an idea, encapsulating the Japanese quality of ennobling everything that is surrounding us.
In addition, Alexander is using a (classical) traditional way of working. He makes the paint himself and works according to the `classic’ rules of painting to ensure as much as possible that the work will pass the test of time. The traditional way of working comes from his love for the craft and also from a kind of protest or a message indicating that contemporary art does not always have to be transitory or time and current event related.
For Alexander, the basic and therefore more relevant experience can´t be squeezed into a framework of time or current events. Core experiences are universal and penetrate deeper into the consciousness of mankind, Alexander only tries to show the essence of beauty. Although this may be interpreted as a message it is not his intension to show us a narrative image with some sort of message in it. It is precisely the simplicity and tranquility and the omission of information (removing the well-known or obvious) that Alexander is looking for within his paintings.

In the end it is the viewers who indulges themselves by accepting an object as being beautiful or not.

The Lolita´s

The `Lolita´ series arose through a quest to personify an idea from Alexander’s fascination for a fashion culture in Japan which is currently spreading around the world.
In this fashion culture the Lolita´s manifest themselves as pretty looking girls in Victorian-like dresses.

This series and his Conception series have a link to his fascination for the Ukiyo-e, especially the Ukiyo-e of the courtesan ; beautiful Japanese Ladies dressed in even more beautiful kimono´s.
With his Lolita´s Alexander portrays young ladies from the present time within a dazzling emptyness of space where they seem to float or hang in mid air.

The lolita´s represent innocence, defying the viewer with the strength of their youth, youth in our times is almost exclusively confronted with an empty sort of ambition within the economic system in which they are supposed to find a place for their future. Their imagination about life and how to express and experience it (may) exist only in their spare time which is already becoming less, virtually their entire education is set to prepare and to have a secure future.

With the Lolita´s Alexander speaks to our vital lifeforce in which there is still room to create a kind of gentle fantasy world where everything is still possible, there, all the attention can still go to the refinement of that which surrounds and fascinates us.
The strength of the Lolita´s is the power of their innocence , the power to choose what is alive in ones heart.
The times are especially difficult for young people,it requires great strength to choose an idealistic path which in their circumstances can be seen as uncertain or misplaced because the choice reveals their own fantasy world rather than a world which has been created for them.

Curriculum Vitae
1987 – 1993 Working mostly to develope the skills of drawing and painting. Interested for the most part in the classics and works of the Dutch masters.

1990 Exhibition at "Klein Kunstje", a local gallery.
1995 – 1996 Taking a course in painting.
Excepting some orders, mainly copies of known works.
Exhibition at KUN (Catholic University Nijmegen).

1997 – 2000 Excepted at the Academy for Arts, Arnhem, the Netherlands.
1998 Landartproject at the riverside of Nijmegen, the Netherlands
For several years there was an interest for Landart and artists as Andy Goldsworthy and Robert Smithson.
Exhibition at Hooghuis, Arnhem - the Netherlands (Videoinstallation)
1999 Focust only on painting. The concepts ‘being yuman’, silence, emptyness and solitude started to develope itself in writing, painting and the interest in Japanese Zen-buddhism.
2000 – 2001 Left Holland in June that year. Travelled through Germany and to Italy, Rome and then to India. Several month later going to the middle east where I visited Jordan, Syrhia and Lebanon.
Desertproject, Jalsamer
Worked in Lebanon with several galleries.
Exhibition at "Bara-Gallery", Beirut.
Exhibition at "Rosso-Art Gallery", Beirut.
Many orders excepted during my stay in Lebanon. Mostly portraits, landscapes, icons etc.
2001 - 2004 Back to the Netherlands.
Graduated as a teacher of Art at the ‘Fontys’, Academy of Art and education, Tilburg, the Netherlands.
Exhibition at restaurant ‘In Geuren en Kleuren’.
2005 April - Exhibition at ITS, Catholic university of Nijmegen, Holland
August - First price 'portrait of Nijmegen' contest.
November - Exhibition at Go-gallery, Amsterdam

2006 April - Holland Art Fair, Den Haag
October - Affordable Art Fair, London, England
November - Art Irland, Dublin, Irland
November - Exhibition at Go-gallery, Amsterdam
2007 February - Affordable Art Fair, London, England
March - Glas en kunst, Goirle. By Giga-Gallery
April - Affordable Art Fair, Glasgow, Scotland
april - Exhibition at Gallery Chicory, Alkmaar, Netherlands
June - Affordable Art Fair, new York, USA
October - Affordable Art Fair, London, England
November - Affordable Art Fair, Amsterdam
November - Exhibition at Go-gallery, Amsterdam

2008 January till March - Solo exhibition, ITS - University, Nijmegen
February - Intrnational Art Fair - Kensington Gore, England
March - Affordable Art Fair, London, England
March - Glas en Kunst - Goirle, by Giga Gallery
March - Affordable Art Fair - Glasgow, Scotland
May till June - 10 years Red Gallery - Karen Taylor Gallery, London, England
May - Affordable Art Fair - Paris, France
May till July - Summerexhibition - Gogallery, Amsterdam