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Kunst von Andrey Bogoslowsky
Kunst von Andrey Bogoslowsky
This is a very special painting for me. It expreses everything I have been looking for many years of painting. Happy, relaxed but very expressive image of a beautiful woman, by the shore. My style is free and yet precise, dramatic and yet calm, colorful and impulsive, just as life is. I love to paint at my beach house in Delawer. It started from a life nude, but got transformed into a symbol of joy and pleasure. Its a bit erotic, but explicite detailes are controled but a skilful brush.
Flower!? Not just flowers but the whole Universe of colors and shapes, unlimited forms of life pouring from my imagination. In fact somebody noted tha I create my own biology. Here I impersenate 3 types of human beings by painting flowers. Very erotic. Well, flowers are after all a reproductive organs, and a very sophisticated too. Flowers were my bestsellers for years. This big ones, only few left. You can see the size. Price $ 16.000, acrylic on canvas, executed in 2000.
I was born in 1966 in Saratov, in Russia.
At age 12, my mother and I left to Poland, where I started painting.
I had a first show at age 16. Back then my works were mostly studies of life models. I have moved to the USA in 1988 and sience then my art is bloosoming beyond my wildest dreams. I had many shows, and sold many paintings. But future is more important than the past! Now days I paint 5 days a week, 30-50 hours. My style is ballancing on a very fine line between reality and imagination, between cannonic rules and free ideas about the world I live. In my paintints I am trying to express human love to this world, bold passions, good heart, and a noble deeds.