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Anne Radstaak Biografie

Art makes us happy!

Anne Radstaak was born in 1959 in Kleve, Germany. Most of the time she spent her youth in the Netherlands. Her fathers family is dutch. Allthough she allready wanted to become an artist when she was a 10 years old girl, in the opinion of her parents she first had to learn a real profession. That was a training in a hotel. For 4 years she worked in the Maritim Hotel, Bad Salzuflen, and the Frankfurt Intercontinental Hotel untill she started with arts.

Since 1988 she is living and working in a old tudor style farmhouse in a little village called Buch – 15 minutes away from the Middle Rhine Valley. In her barnhouse atelier she works next door to horses, her two dogs and a few other inhabitants.

Visitors in Annes atelier are allways welcome! Just phone before to ensure coffie and cake.

1982 - 1987 Study visual communication at the University (FH) Mainz, Germany,
Graduation: Diplom-Designer (FH)
1987 - 2000 graphic designer, art director, creative director in advertising agencies
in the Rhein-Main-Area, Frankfurt/Main Germany
2000 - today painter, artist, teacher for drawing, design and painting,
consultant for marketing, public relations and cultural projects
since 2001 Solo and group exhibitions in Koblenz, Bad Schwalbach, Limburg, Nastätten Germany
2003 Foundation of the artist group Gruppe KK.
2004 - 2005 Own gallery "Kunststück" in the old town of Limburg/Lahn Germany
2005 Opening of a Blue Sculpture Route in the Blue Country, Nastätten Germany together with the Group KK
2006 First installation "Beschaulichland" showed in Nassau/Lahn Germany
human beeing - nature - enviroment
2007 Performance "null komma nichts"
Performance "zero point nothing"
2007/08 Foundation of "Artvoices against Poverty", an art project together with more then 20.000 people, who sent their personell art piece to Chancelor Angela Merkel as a sign for more social politics. The next date for Art deliveries ist on March, 1st 2008, check