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Kunst von Bob Tomanovic
Kunst von Bob Tomanovic
Internationally renowned and award winning S.B. (Bob) Tomanovic has exhibited in cities around the world like New York, Zürich, Amsterdam, Tokyo and The Hague. His works of art is owned by collectors around the world. One of his paintings has been acquired for the official residence of the Dutch Prime Minister in the Hague, the "Catshuis". Since the summer of 2002 another of his paintings hangs at the Dutch Parliament Building in the Hague. Another painting "Hofvijver" was bought for the then departing Dutch Prime Minister Wim Kok.
Art for business
Apart from private collectors from various countries in Europe and art collectors in America and Japan, there is also a growing interest for Bob's work from the business community. The unusual aura of the paintings creates a positive working atmosphere in office buildings.Tomanovic has also worked (in collaboration with an exclusive interior design and furnishings shop in the Netherlands) on a new concept, integrating his art into furniture and interior design.
Tomanovic studied at the School of Industrial Design and later at the Academy of Arts. Since several years Bob leads meditation sessions referred to as Gnostic Intensives. The Gnostic Intensives are very important for Bob's way of life and for his work: 'The experiences, visions, images, and insights, which I have lived in the past twenty years, have formed a source of inspiration for my work. You could say that my paintings are visual stories or rather expressions of the dimension, which I have experienced. The Dimension of Consciousness beyond MEST (matter, energy, space and time) process.