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Kunst von Eduard Fleminsky
Kunst von Eduard Fleminsky
Maybe the ability to sacrifice and have the most important thing in the works? Only donating their efforts, their work, and even his principles and himself, the artist changes and finds something new. Whether to pursue art, if you do not believe that art can change a person? Once you yourself touched the "alien" art that has become "your" and changed you. You pulled the wake of this artist to create something new, to open a face of his talent. Can a change in the viewer, if in the process of creation has not changed the artist?
I like to paint portraits as I do. I get great satisfaction from work. I believe that the image of beauty, vivid and emotionally rich, in love with nature and the romantic impulse is serious.
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Fall colors on the canvas in his spontaneous audacity and spontaneity, pushing each other, clashing, taking account each for himself. But I have to reconcile them to reveal the complex and contradictory image, born of the surrounding space and time to create from the chaos of a single and a wonderful way to feel whole again, and things. And in these moments I realize that painting for me is the justification of my existence.