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Elmar Karla Porträt

Born in Wuppertal

His first graffiti projects developed between 1987 and 1991 in the area of the german Ruhrgebiet.
After this he worked as an illustrator in the fields of advertising and coverdesign with the focus on comicstyle.

1992 he finished his education as a mediatechnical assistent for design in Wuppertal.Then he studied fine arts at the art academy of Duesseldorf.

1999 he finished the education for psychiatric nurses.

2008 - 2010 he completed his training for systemic experiential education in the Switzerland at the institut of planoalto.

Since 2002 he works and lives in Bremen and southamerica..

In Bremen he is a menber of the association 23 ,etablished to promote international cultural exchange media.

Exhibitions/ Projects

1987 to 1991 street-art projects in the area of the german Ruhrgebiet.

1994 Kulturzentrum Wuppertal "Fremdwelten"

1998 Cafe Flux in Velbert "bitch make sandwich"

2002 different art projects in Florianopolis Brasilien, Kulturzentrum ZIK

2004 community exhibition in the galerie Herold in Bremen theam" panic"

2008 graphic implementation of the promotional film"Naturwatt"by the promotionfilm agency Deichblick in Bremen.

2010 Exhibition "photografy and painting"contrasts of a microcosmos ,Buenos Aires Argentinien.

2011 different graffiti projects in Buenos Aires

2011 short animation movie for campu cafe

2012 illustrations for the promotion movie SWB Fishtown Pinguins Bremerhafen

2012/11 Member of the Meeting of styles Festival in Buenos Aires

2013 Diferent Wallpaintings in Buenos Aires

2013/08 IBUG Zwickau (Streetart Festival)

Elmar Karla