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Korea, Republik (Südkorea)

Franz Brandner Galerie

"Foundation Day" (9) · 2013
Franz Brandner, Foundation Day, Landschaft: Berge, Diverse Landschaften, Neo-Expressionismus
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97 x 107 cm
Ausgezeichnetes Gemälde. Bin ehrlich angetan. Gruß Wilhelm
16.1.2016 17:07 von Wilhelm Laufer
I can see a very deep meaning of inspiration for the Korean future "New History of Heavenly Fortune" by penetrating the artist Brandner "Shimjong for the Korean Peninsula as in this painting symbolically announcing the "Era of True Peace" rapprented by the national birds and the Peace Palace of the Royal Family of Moon's Dinasty as the substantiation of the "HANANNIM DREAM OF KOREA FOR THE NEW AGE INTODUCED BY THE INDIAN POET TAGORE FOR THE RECREATION OF MANKIND BY THE COMING OF THE TRUE MAN OF TRUE LOVE AND PEACE ON THIS LAND OF THE MORNING CALM"
I do congratulate the International Artist for Peace for his interpretation of the choosen nation of Anguk.
11.4.2014 07:50 von Luciano Fenoli · URL
I am simply falling in love with this artist's work. The color's are much more vibrant than other pieces I have looked at so far. I feel as though a storm may be brewing, but still, there is a feeling of hope and peace. I will find shelter in a beautiful cozy place.
25.8.2008 01:32 von Deb Brooks
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