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Franz Brandner Porträt

Dialogue with nature

"Modern Art qualifies so long it does not renounce previous creative traditions. Art which can endure should be connected and developed based on the past.
Creative work is a way of retreating, cutting oneself off from disturbing influences, which prevent and limit one from understanding oneself.
What I find important is the intensive relationship to nature with all its life energy and character, not particularly the biological-academic dimension. That is why the exact study of nature in of its manifestations is the most essential part of my creative art.
Life has value and meaning;
My desire is to give this message in my work ."
Franz Brandner
“Franz Brandner, lives since a few years in Korea. He gained great recognition with his paintings in Korea as well as in Europe. His art is an important contribution for the cultural cooperation and exchange between Austria and Korea.”
H.E. Wilhelm Donko (Ambassador of the republic of Austria to Korea)
Franz Brandner
Austrian born artist Franz Brandner is not only known within the borders of his own country, where his art works has found their places in private and public collections.
Brandner prefers to paint outdoor, in the midst of nature. Significant for his paintings are the vivid brush strokes he uses to capture light and shadow. Buildings and nature melt into oneness. Various shades of green, blue and purple colours contrast the warm tones, a technique which Impressionists used to capture the fleeting moment of an instant. One could also say, Franz Brandner is an up-to-date modern impressionist