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Juan Miguel Giralt Biografie

<strong>Artistic life process</strong>

Juan Miguel Giralt, Spanish Painter, was born in Barcelona in 1953. At a very early age he moved to Madrid with his family where the first vital stages of his artistic skills began to develop through a diversified range of training.

He completed the usual process of primary and superior studies, graduating in Sciences; progressing later to University to study Architecture. Whilst Juan Miguel was at university he began to take classes in drawing and painting in various art academies. Later on, he also studied in some specific educational Academies, to complete different Industrial Design and Artistic Applications courses.

Once in the professional environment Juan Miguel has gone from strength to strength, exhibiting across Spain. His work has also had an impact on the international scene through exhibitions at various national galleries.
Juan Miguel Giralt's work can be viewed in a wide range of institutions ranging from hotels to historical locations and private collections.