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Lubomir Tkacik Biografie

I began drawing, almost from birth. I created my first abstract drawing with a door key before I learned to walk. I ruined the new wardrobe that stood next to my childish cot. I will always remember it; I was about fifteen years old when my parents replaced it. My drawings on the wardrobe stayed deeply engraved in its varnished walnut wood.
My Mother always reminded me of that moment, of my first creative act, whose implications were long term. That spontaneous, undestroyable desire to draw and paint has never left me.
I needed that energy; I didn't have support or sympathy for my chosen path when I was young and needed it most. I was turned down by art school, but now I understand that everything is the way it should have been. I had to take control of my own destiny. I taught myself how to draw and paint, and I am always learning and growing as an artist. Art is a journey to a source that is infinitely sweet and always interesting.