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Mirko Sevic Galerie

"Stillness-Sleeper" · 2010
Mirko Sevic, Stillness-Sleeper, Poesie, Poesie, Postsurrealismus, Abstrakter Expressionismus
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203,2 x 177,8 x 50,8 cm
Get out of conventions, away from rules! Into Childhood with unlimited creativity!
30.6.2013 20:24 von Mariana Scvortova · URL
this is saucy yumma babe
19.10.2012 11:32 von emily lake
greg, you are a disgrace to the family! you will eat out of the bin now
18.10.2012 16:02 von kirkham vicki
i agree with my wife the ugly olivia whittle
18.10.2012 16:00 von Tanner Whittle
this is so special, it makes my day, i come home from work being a hobo load my latop and look at this, it gives me butterflies i love it so so much thanks for the light you have given me to lead.
18.10.2012 15:56 von kirkham greg
This is touching my soul. The way the tiles are bulging out feel like my heart beating though the very tips of my fingers. They way it's head is faced as if it's suckling on a bosom. Bravo. I'm overwhelmed. This is just absolutely beautiful.
17.10.2012 19:11 von Olivia Whittle
this is shocking! i am scared i will get nightmares forever
16.10.2012 15:20 von greg kirkham
this is a master piece, i can make things so much better than this but don't be jel be reem babey cakes
16.10.2012 15:18 von greg kirkham
i cna't help myself i love this so much i have to keep commenting! i also love chicken wings, you should make a chicken leg next time
16.10.2012 15:16 von Greg Kirkham
i love this baby so much, i like bald people and it looks like me after a shower so i can relate to it. i could cook it on a barbie, i
16.10.2012 15:12 von kirkham greg
I love this so much! It looks very tasty!
16.10.2012 15:09 von Olivia Olivia Whittle
i love this, my daughter will love it! she will chuckle
16.10.2012 15:05 von Greg kirkam
this is very scary!
16.10.2012 15:04 von laker Vicky
Excellent work!!!!!*****
19.5.2012 09:59 von Steffi Schott · URL
,,,blickt der Abgrund auf Dich zurück...
12.4.2011 10:33 von Tian Klempin
Stillness-Sleeper is touching me. Well done! OMAR
13.3.2011 09:17 von T E
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