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Kunst von Nebe
DANCER AND SPECTATOR, tempera at jute, 2,5m x 2,5m, Harbour Theatre Hamburg
GROUP OF DANCERS, tempera and jute, 2,5m x 3m
"The constellation of the figures is reminiscent of psychodrama or the set up used in psychotherapy. The hierarchy of power is symbolized by the positioning of each figure, scales of this hierarchy being distance, vicitnity or postiions in relation to the grid. The bleak ground conveyes psychich spaces that are devoid fo time measure or spatial depths. The psychodramatic action takes palce in an archaic environment in which the figures are forced to confront the very extremes of their human condition. (Rebecca Schönsee, art historian)
The work of Joas Sebastian Nebe enters a dialogue with Viennes actionism. As opposed to open and brutal rebellion against established order as is characteristic of the works of Adofl Frohner, Nitsch and Muehl, Nebe uses means of narrative to expose hidden violence within contemporary structures. His work functions as reflector on important topics of the Viennese avantgarde movement, such as their use of archaic motifs and repeated referenece to ritual sacrifice. Thus Nebe creates a meta-discourse that discusses different artistic perspectives of rebellion against repressive social constraints. Whereas Viennes Actionsim is known for an excessive consideration fo orgiastic experience, Nebe blocks kathartic relief. Instead, the main focus on the implact of veiled resistance touches upon neglected issues such as passive aggressiveness, which cannot be released within the aestehtic function. By stressing that violence never be a solution to human problems Nebe's art transports an important sociopolitical statement. (Rebecca Schönsee, art historian. The complete essay is as pdf file on this site available. The complete text is German.)