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Peter MacWhirter Galerie

"Squid in its' Own Ink" (3) · 1993
Peter MacWhirter, Squid in its' Own Ink, Tiere: Wasser, Natur: Wasser
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46 x 61 cm
You stole my car and by that I mean my Mitsubishi. You put freon up every animal and now me. Once again freon is not an inert gas. You are going to know what it feels like you and Barbara put me in the engine of my vehicle today and in 1999. You have so many dios that you are not supposed to be driving. Wherever I go you follow you are in there across the street with my great grandfather Orin. You and your family are putting freon up my ass RightNow and your last house was on rose st indigo valley where Toni flyer livef
3.3.2023 18:25 von Patty Sanchez
Get your sister Risa of my property and your family. Your father the orthodontist pulled my hole jaw out. Tell me why does Barbara look like me. Your living off my trust fund. You think you control the gates and Bill Gates thinks he controls the windows. I made windows when I was in the engine of the vehicle. I think you are some kind of alien maybe a predator as Curt. Those dogs belong to me. You gave your friend Kim my original vehicle and the paperwork that I had you hold that time I went to Pomona courthouse.i know as Mark you had me as your daughter as a little girl. Stay away from Ueall and Ayla and Maria. I invented the navigation system for phones and you took it out so I could not go anywhere. You still owe me money you keep saying I am doing something and saying I need to go to the mental hospital. Your weimeryiner you had was my dog destiny. You held my mom hostage at the place on Gordon street and you raped those dogs for helping me when I lost Sabi. You let every homeless person in and you and your wife filled Ernie and the animals up with freon you are an almond brother stop following me.
3.3.2023 18:08 von Evanscence Angel
You are transferring my mom's phone calls hanging up lines illegally with your friends you gave Barbara my vagina and reproductive system when I got an abortion you gave me freedom and then hit me on the head took of my crown chakra you also have my brainstorm I know you are also Steve honchuriic. You have my original Opel GT. I have made alot of inventions and you have taken my memory my hole life is
3.3.2023 17:43 von Patty Sanchez
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