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Timothy Rose Biografie

Timothy Rose www.mobilesculpture.com

I am exploring light, shape, and time. The air is the color. The shapes are familiar to me: combs, triangles, sawteeth, sticks, and circles.

Each unique piece was hand-cut, built straight from a pencil sketch, cutting each shape from sheet metal, using electric shears.

I construct and balance using the pencil sketch as a reference. The sketch is a tiny, flat moment; like a shopping list in time. Each finished mobile captures a feeling I wanted from the sketch. It has a life of its own, the movement setting up a conversation. A successful one dreams.

Mobile sculpture has been my source of creative output for more than 40 years. I was first inspired and still am by the engineering of Alexander Calder’s work, and am currently drawing from the work by the Russians: Vassily Kandinsky, and Kasimir Malevich.

Mare Island, CA 2007

2006 Chicago History Museum, Chicago, IL 2 Lobby Mobiles 19 ft long. “Historic Chicago Intersections”
2006 Design Museum of London, London, England. Lobby mobile using design elements
2004 Russellville Elementary School, Russellville, KY. Mobile for school cafeteria
2000 2000 SOUTH CAROLINA AQUARIUM, Charlston, SC: Water/fish/bird Mobile Lobby construction. 180ft by 12ft by 9ft, 215 Stainless Steel mobiles representing Water/fish/birds