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Virgy Biografie

I am born to Tripi (messina) Italia Transferred to Swiss oil lamp I attend the primary and secondary schools in German language.
For a long time I have the passion for the painting the sketch.
Then during the years of studies I frequent parallel courses of figurative sketch and it paints various techniques.
In 1974 I Move me in Italy and for contingent motives for life, I Leave my pictorial aspirations.
Keeping on following the art.
In 2000 I take back in hand the brushes and the cloths.
I try to transport and to stop on the Cloth Emotions and thoughts.All of this that I file in the heart.
The colors and the looks represent The emotional universe of the memory and the memoirs.I don't love to follow a precise technique because for me to paint means: "to write my moment" Seeking therefore, in the lines and in the colors " that felt instant." I frequent a course of painting to oil to Treviso.
From a with increasing curiosity. I have drawn near to the photo and digital art.A technique that fascinates me.
Hook to melt bodies with natural elements creating a new way to express emotions of the soul.
Creating poetic visions.

Selected to the: Competed ARTELAGUNA 2° International Prize of Painting.I participate In the Show itinerante city of TREVISO " I you Walk Some art" 07.09 To 31.10.2007.
The work of Virginia Milici (virgy) looks, but still more it enters the emotional of a conscious existential": the memory of the soul " crosses her with looks that take back the lived one.And looks, gone out of the creativeness of the artist, they are placed in the attention of the observer, so " the memory" you/he/she is communicated as universal message that becomes "shared emotion.
Every single work touches an open rope of our mind and makes her/it wave, involving us in a pure emotion. the artist expresses her/it so, with his/her colors, that you/they take the form and the harmony of it, they expand him to his/her speed, they assemble him, they disperse him, then with the spirit they lift him, they pulsate with the heart, they tremble and they finally talk to the unconscious of whom looks with a language that each feels really. The climate from the abstract to the surreal one, proposes suggestions and allusions drawn by the sub-aware one and in which the is sovereign Pleasant the game of the sign, to compare him to a satiated internal life of poetic elegies.
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