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Everything is in eyes about eyes,as always. Elusiveness cloud by for sale. Incidental stains of colors. Planned decisions in flight of nonexistent past and future. From eyes to eyes and further deep into soul up to the mirror of time roots framed by endless universe. It seemed to me, thet I was lucky again to meet someone,someone I would not be able to see through to the very ground inside.

Another ground of genetically-cosmic thrown back energies preserved in surfaces and nets, strokes of braches, spatulas and engraving tools. Not speculative simplifying of unexplainable, translated in visual language familiar to all of us.

As I do not dare to judge lives of others I am giving up evaluating creations of Dorota Zlatohlávková. We play the game of life and we try to survive and to move values of this cursed world further from destruction. Some of us do. Even though the format of canvas seems to be fragile, it is the purest form of such effort.

DOROTA ZLATOHLÁVKOVÁ Narozena : 10. 9. 1952 Studium: Gymnasium Kolín 1968 - 1972 Společné výstavy ( Group exhibitions ) 1988 Galerie "H", Kostelec nad Černými lesy 1989 Galerie mladých, Praha 1990 Kulturzentrum "Pumpe e.V.", Kiel, Německo 1991 Künstlerwekstatt, Mnichov, Německo 1991 Pálffyho palác, Praha 1991 Kulturzentrum, Manheim, Německo 1991 Medienhaus " Tschechische Kunst der Gegenwart",Bremen,Německo 1991 Galerie Augen-Blick,Lipsko,Německo 1992 Galerie " R ", Praha 1992 Centrum beeldende kunst,Groningen,Holandsko 1992 "In Progress" Kulturzentrum PFL,Oldenburg,Německo 1995 Muzeum,Česká Lípa 2003 Golem Club, Praha 2004 Lapidárium,Praha 2004 Restaurant Mozaika, Praha Samostatné výstavy (Individual exhibitions) 1992 Galerie "Lukas", Praha 1994 Golem Club, Praha 1997 Malá Galerie na Hradbách, Kolín 1997 Volkshochschule, Lemgo, Německo 1998 Galerie GM, Praha 1999 Galerie L.Kuby, Poděbrady 2000 Diakonie,Praha 2002 Euro-Trend Group, Praha 2006 Galerie umění a vín, Praha ,Kouřim Muzeum 2008, Klokočná - Galerie 2008, Horácké divadlo Jihlava 2008-2009,Praha Art Centre Gallery 2011, Praha Čajovna v síti - 2012 Soukromé sbírky ( Private collections) Rakousko,Holandsko,Německo,Francie Cena Masarykovy Akademie umění 1993 Cena Nadace Barcelo 1995