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girinath gopinath Biografie

Name - Girinath G.
Proffession - Accessory designer
(NIFT new delhi , 2002)
Age - 28
Love to illustrate.
Based in Bangalore

we are people spilled all over the city, splashed all over the country, scrambled all over the continent, shuffled and placed over earth, which in turn is rolling round and round.
And the best part is, they connect.
This connect makes us a bigger picture.
Crowded market, expanding galaxy, floating Clouds, peeling paints etc all pictures of a chaos,
What we make them ,is what we are and
to know that
I have tried to create chaos
And seasoned it with a chain reaction of shock, surprise, indulgence and you.
Its different for every individual.

I would like to present to you
“Serendipity” ,
a series of spilled colors that are later inked to bring out the hidden world.

Beautifying the mistakes is the keyword here, where everything starts with a big spill of colors which was never meant to happen, creating a universe which no one would have otherwise discovered.
Don’t get lost in it.