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miro sedlar Galerie

"pasture" · 2019
miro sedlar, pasture, Tiere: Land, Abstrakte Kunst
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75 x 75 cm
In a previous email you said this was framed. Can you send a picture of it framed so I can see how it looks?
12.6.2020 04:12 von Rita Franco
I’m still drooling over this piece of art as well as the other artwork of horses & “Tuscany”! I simply love how your art has such vibrant colors! Is there a way to buy this piece of art unframed so it wouldn’t cost as much or is it already in a permanent frame? Do you ever come to Atlanta,Ga? Would you consider doing this or the “Black&White” horses in a smaller size so it’s more affordable for me? I know I asked this of you previously & hate to bother you again about it,but I guess I’m just so in love with it I keep trying to find a way to buy it,either this or the black & white horses! Please forgive me. Rita🙃🙏🏻
4.5.2020 21:23 von Rita Franco
So sorry I’m just getting back with you! Due to health issues, I forget to respond when I email. This piece is magnificent but unfortunately way above my budget. You’re very talented artist!
3.2.2020 03:03 von Rita Gilbert
Hi Rita,
The price is 700 USD, frame and shipping fee to Atlanta included.
Great youlike my art. Do you like horses?
Miro Sedlar
11.1.2019 23:00 von miro sedlar
What is the price of this beautiful artwork?
9.1.2019 18:44 von Rita Franco
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